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Cambodia is a beautiful country located in south east Asia, neighbored by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. About 95% of the 15 million people in this country practice Buddhism. Cambodia has an interesting mix of ancient and modern cultures which creates quite a unique experience for the visitors. It also has vast arrays of natural beauty – jungles and beaches – for travelers to enjoy! 

Where to go

Angkor is one of the most symbolic archaeological cities in South East Asia. The city is home to the world’s largest religious monument, the Angkor Wat temple. The Bayon temple with its stone faces and Ta Prohm, ruin of a Buddhist temple interlaced with surrounding trees are among the temples to visit. Many of the temples at Angkor have been restored, giving the visitors a peek into the grand Khmer History.

Kep is a coastal province in the Southern part of the country. There are variety of beach activities tourists can enjoy including snorkeling. Kep is famous for its tropical sea food and its crab market.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, Banlung in north Cambodia is a great destination. Tour companies arrange multi-day and overnight trips into the jungles! 

When to go

Cambodia is warm all year round, and most visitors tend to visit from November to March. May to early October is the wet season but this rarely effects travel plans, so if you’re planning to avoid crowds, this is the time to go.

VISA type: Single Entry/ Short stay

Visa validity: 3 months from issue date

Processing Time: 3 working days

Stay: 30 days

Fees: USD 30 + USD 6 (processing fees)

e-visa required information:

  1. Personal information
  2. Photo; have a digital copy of a recent photo ready to upload
  3. Contact details
  4. Address during visit; have the hotel reservation handy
  5. Passport details
  6. Travel details, which includes the airport you wish to enter from, and your intended date of entry in Cambodia

Application form: Download Here

Embassy information:
Embassy of Cambodia has not established in Pakistan yet.