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The reason the Boy and I chose Tanzania as one of our Honeymoon countries was because:

  1. We really wanted to go someplace in Africa, just because the thought of actually going to AFRICA is so awesome.
  2. Tanzia gives Pakistanis a visa on arrival! We were so overwhelmed with wedding preps, we just didn’t have the capacity for visa process craziness, so Tanzania got us super excited!

Requirements for Visa:

  • Valid Pakistani Passport, valid for at least 6 months after date of travel.
  • Vaccination certificate showing your passport number and that you have received yellow fever vaccination
  • $50 per person applying for visa
  • Hotel Bookings for the duration of your
  • Round trip ticket showing date of departure from Tanzania


  • At your exit airport in Pakistan you’ll be asked to show your passport and ticket, and nothing else.
  • If there’s a layover, you’ll once again show your passport, and won’t be asked for anything more.
  • At your port of entry in Tanzania you’ll be asked to show your Yellow Fever Vaccine certificate (if you don’t have this, they will take you to a separate room and administer the vaccine to you, charging $50 per person for this).
  • You’ll be asked to fill an immigration form.
  • You will be asked to submit your passport and hotel documents, and wait. The wait can be anywhere between 30 minutes to more than an hour. You will be asked to pay $100 per person at this point.
  • They will simply scan your passport, stamp it and give you the visa!

If you leave mainland Tanzania and go to Zanzibar, make sure you take your passport because you will have to go through immigration again! Zanzibar is essentially a part of Tanzania, but they have a different governing body, and so travel between the two will require you carrying your passport.

Happy Travel-Planning!